The Optical Fibre Cable Endorsement Course is designed for technicians who currently hold an Open Cabling Registration and, due to the new regulatory requirements, are seeking too obtain the required unit of competency to add an endorsement on their registration to allow the compliant installation of optical fibre cabling.

On successful completion of this course, you will be awarded the unit: 

ICTCBL322 - Install, test and terminate optical fibre cable on customer premises

This course is delivered via online pre-course theory work plus one day face to face learning and assessment. 

Available course dates and more detailed information is listed below.

Course Venue: 1A 5 Hayden Crt Myaree WA

- 28-Jun-24
2 Spots remaining.

- 05-Jul-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 19-Jul-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 02-Aug-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 16-Aug-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 30-Aug-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 13-Sep-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 27-Sep-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 11-Oct-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 25-Oct-24
10 Spots remaining.

- 08-Nov-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 22-Nov-24
4 Spots remaining.

- 13-Dec-24
4 Spots remaining.

This training product has been designed for students who currently hold an Open Cabling Registration and are seeking to obtain an endorsement on their license to allow the compliant installation of specialised cabling including: Optical Fibre Cabling (O).

Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a Statement of Attainment for the units:

ICTCBL322 - Install, test and terminate optical fibre cable on customer premises

This course covers one unit of competency, this being:

ICTCBL322 - Install, test and terminate optical fibre cable on customer

The training and assessments will cover the following topics:

  • Optical fibre fundamentals
  • Single and multi-mode testing
  • Installation and termination practices
  • Work health and safety procedures concerning fibre optic
  • Operation of testing equipment including Light source, power meter and OTDR

This course has been developed closely with industry partners to be delivered in a concise and time efficient manner.

To enrol in this course, students must currently hold an Open Cablers License, as this course builds upon the basic cabling fundamentals.

If you do not hold an Open Cablers License and would like to complete this course, please contact us prior to enrolment. 

The Optical Fibre Endorsement Course is delivered through a blended model consisting of:

  • On-line theory work, which is to be completed prior to the practical sessions
  • One day face-to-face training and assessment.

Most classes will be delivered from 8:00 - 4:00, however, check your booking to confirm your start and finish times as they may slightly vary.

The on-line theory is self paced and the time required to complete the modules will vary depending on your experience.

Through moving the theory components online (and halving our class sizes) this course has been reduced from two days face-to-face training to one. This should assist you with gauging the amount of time to set aside for the pre-course theory.

At Aspire Education and Training we recognise some students have vast amounts of knowledge and experience within various areas and they are purely seeking to formalise their skills. For students seeking this option we offer a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway. We endeavour to structure our RPL process in a way that will both minimise cost and time while always ensuring the integrity and validity of the assessment process.

The basic steps involved in a RPL pathway include:

  • Request a RPL application form from
  • Collect and forward supportive evidence along with your completed application form to
  • Your application and evidence will be assessed by one of our qualified staff members
  • One of our staff members will then contact you in regard to your application to seek further information if required.
  • If gaps in evidence remain a personalised training and assessment plan will be developed to fill these gaps.
  • Once the assessment has been completed to a satisfactory level you will be issued with your certificate.
  • Although we would like to state a cost this can vary depending on evidence provided and training required to complete the process. 

Please contact us for ay further enquiries.